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Project Finance

Any project with a positive NPV can be financed without recourse to your existing business

CleanTech Capital provides comprehensive project development, project management and project finance services for renewable energy projects, mainly for on-shore and off-shore wind farms and solar PV parks, but also for other renewable energy projects such as bio-gas, waste-to-energy, geothermal, wave or tidal energy projects.

CleanTech Capital advises on all stages of a project development and structures and arranges the financing for electricity generation projects, in most European, North American and South American markets.

Based on our know how and experience we also advise on marketing of such projects and we also undertake for our clients an effective divestiture or syndication process.

CleanTech Capital brings the industry and product expertise as well as the network to banks and other investors to effectively design and manage the full project financing process from A to Z.
Sometimes, a project needs adjustments to become feasible and financable.