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Germany plans for 80% renewable energy power by 2030 - In 2022 still 53.7% of the electrical power was produced from coal (33.3%), gas (11.4%) and nuclear power (to be phased-out as of 1 May 2023)


Berlin - The total power consumption in Germany decreased 2022 by 1.9%. Wind Power was the second biggest contributor after coal accounting for 24.1% of the german power production and solar pv contributed 10.6%. On the heating side the situation looks much worse. According to the German economic minister Robert Habeck (green party) more than 80% of residential heating is produced from fossil fuel. The government plans a new law by 2024 to only allow new heating systems that cover a min. of 65% from renewable sources.

Giant Data Center planned and approved in 100 days less than 2 miles away from famous rhine falls in Schaffhausen


Schaffhausen, at the rhine falls in Switzerland - The data centers in the village of Behringen almost covers 8,000 square metres of ground and will consumate 350 GWh a year including 88 GWh access heat that theoretically could be used for district heating or used for industrial purposes. The entire canton where it is being build currently uses 481 GWh a year.

In order to meet the tremendous energy need a new hydro power plant is planned above the rhine falls using a good part of the water for its turbines.

According to just released study of Energy Switzerland a total of 2.1 TWh equivalent to 3.6% of the total Swiss power consumption are used for datacenters. Also in this study it is mentioned that the entire Swiss public transports 2021 represented 8.3% of the total Swiss Power consumption.

1,013,009 electric (passenger) cars in Germany as of 1 Jan 2023, an yoy increase of 64% or 395,000 new e-cars - but far too little


FAZ, Frankfurt - 2.65 million new (passenger) cars were registered in Germany in 2022. Mercedes alone sells more than 2 million cars a year. And more than 45 million fuel powered cars are driving around in Germany. The government`s ambition to have 15 million electric cars by 2030 means 1.75 million new electric cars per year. In other words, very soon, Germany would have to register only electric cars. Leave aside the 5 million fuel based bike and the 3.6 million trucks.

IBERDROLA Net Profits 2022 up 11.7% to €4.34 billion, Iberdrola Spain down 19% yoy


Bilbao - Renewables capacity 40GW, Dividend Proposal 49€-Cents, up 10% yoy. The networks business in Europe and America contributed approx. 50% to the net income. Planned investments into the extension of power networks will account for approx. 44% of total capex of €47 billion until 2025, RE investments will account for 46%.

Engie Net Income 2022 up by more than 75% yoy on sky-high Power and Gas Prices


Paris - € 5.2 billion net income, dividend up 55% to €1.4

How is this possible? Apparently revenue grew faster than cost. Engie increased its installed RE capacity by a further 3.9GW to a total of 38GW (+11.5%) and it may sell the capacity at the marginal power price. EBIT from renewables were up 37% to €1.63bn while EBIT from thermal energy was up 50% to €1.77bn. EBIT from nuclear energy was up just 7% to €1bn, while "Others" (mainly trading and hedging) EBIT was a staggering €1.85bn, up from minus €0.1bn in 2021. EBIT from network operations was almost stable at €2.4bn.


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