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We get the job done and act as in-sourced or as out-sourced resources

Mergers and Acquisitions

We like to help you to grow your business and to stay focussed on your core compentencies

CleanTech Capital offers tailored solutions for strategic corporate decisions over the lifecycle of companies.

The main emphasis of our mergers & acquisitions services is providing tailored strategic and financial solutions to companies. Our objective is to supply sophisticated advice and execution capabilities which consistently broaden the range of options available to our clients.

Our expertise comprises acquisitions and divestitures mandates, mergers and de-mergers, joint ventures, public takeovers, and de-listings.

CleanTech Capital executes domestic and cross-border assignments from clients in a diverse array of different industry segments and sectors.
We are as motivated to plan and execute a targeted acquisition as we like to orchestra multi-stage divestiture processes for you.