Our Services

We get the job done and act as in-sourced or as out-sourced resources

Corporate and Business Development

The key value driver is your business, it enables you to get the appropriate financing

CleanTech Capital support you hands on in all of your corporate and business development steps from forming new ventures to expanding large businesses into new geographic markets or broadening your product offering.

CleanTech Capital provides its network, planning and project management as well as its execution capabilities to build organizations, enter new markets, build up new marketing channels, strengthen the supply chain, doing active business and customer development and developing new partnerships. Our services also include building internal structures and advising on corporate governance and compliance issues.

CleanTech Capital will help you to develop a superior growth strategy and to effectively implement this strategy.
Helping you creating more shareholder value starts with your business: "Top Line Growth" and "Bottom-line Growth" are the main value driver for every business, reduction of business risk and capital cost have a far lesser impact on shareholder value creation. We support you with active business development.