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Wir beraten und bieten praxis- und implementierungsorientierte Unternehmensentwicklung und Transaktionsausführung für börsennotierte und private Unternehmen, internationale und nationale Energieversorgungsunternehmen, Unternehmer und institutionelle Investoren.

Wenn sie umsetzungsorientierte und erfahrene Transaktionsmanager, Bewertungsexperten, Projektmanager oder Interim-Manager mit eigener unternehmerischer Erfahrung sowie Erfahrung als Private Equity Investor suchen, dann sollten wir Ihr Partner sein.

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Germany´s Coal Phase-out Commission assumed its work


First working session after last month´s inaugaration - The 24 members plus four heads mainly from the coalition parties will kick-off the meetings that will continue on 16th and 19th July, with a review of the situation in the EU before discussing climate impact and employment aspects in the industry. No quick decisions or recommendations of the government dominated commission should be expected before the end of the government period.

More power from renewable energy than from coal in Germany


German Federal Assoc. of Energy and Water BDEW announced H1/2018 data - Germany produced 118 TWh from renewable sources in the first half of the year which is an increase of >10% compared to the previous year, equivalent to a market share of 36%. Power generation from hard coal and lignite decreased from 127 TWh to 114 TWh. Solar now is stronger than bio energy, onshore wind is still larger than solar and bio energy combined. The share of nuclear energy increase from 10.2% in H1/2017 to 11.3% in H1/2018.

Engie to join China Three Gorges in tender offer for EDP?


ENGIE in discussions with CTG who owns 23.27% in EDP and announced full takeover offer for EDP 2 months ago - Despite longterm shareholders relationship and strong financial support for renewables expansion in Europe, CTG is facing resistance from EU and US authorities, apparently not for competition reasons but for national interests. BFM Business of France yesterday reported on pending discussions between ENGIE and the Chinese shareholder of EDP, which are unconfirmed by the companies. In an earlier statement to the Portugese financial markets authorities ENGIE stated in was not interested in launching an hostile bid for EDP. ENGIE could e.g. takeover the US or the Brazilian assets of EDP, join the bid as senior partner or even front a bid and offer CTG to invest in ENGIE or joint venture some renewables assets.

ENGIE will no longer operate any coal-fired assets in Asia-Pacific


net proceeds of €2.6bn for 69.1% stake in listed IPP Glow, Thailand - ENGIE signed a share purchase agreement with Global Power Synergy Public Company Ltd. The transaction will further result in a reduction of €3.3bn of the consolidated net debt of ENGIE and reduce its global coal-fired generation installed capacity by 14%.

French Government successfully re-negotiated feed-in-tarriffs for French offshore wind projects


Savings of €15bn of subsidies over 20yr period for 6 offshore wind farms projects owned by Engie, EDPR, Iberdrola and EDF - Details of the economics of the projects were not involved but it is estimated that due to substantial cost savings since the tenders 2012 to 2014 and estimated declines in power purchase agreements for new projects the compromise is a win-win situation and assures the roll-out of these projects.


SMM 2018: Green Shipping Makes Headway

2018/09/04 - 2018/09/07

Hamburg Trade Fair - the leading international maritime trade fair

Wind Energy Hamburg

2018/09/25 - 2018/09/28

Hamburg - The global wind summit

Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum


Lausanne - promotes innovation and investment into the best technology companies from across Europe

Energy Transition Tech Summit


Rotterdam - green shipping and other new investment themes