CleanTech Capital es una empresa internacional de finanzas corporativas y fusiones y adquisiciones para tecnologías amigables con el medioambiente y energías renovables, con oficinas en Europa, Norteamérica y Sudamérica.

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CleanTech Capital ofrece desarrollo de negocios, finanzas corporativas y de proyectos, fusiones y adquisiciones, desinversiones y servicios de reestructuración en el sector de tecnologías amigables con el medioambiente y en energías renovables. CleanTech Capital tiene oficinas en Europa, América del Norte y América del Sur.

Ofrecemos asesoramiento y servicios prácticos de desarrollo de negocios y ejecución de transacciones a empresas cotizadas y privadas, empresas de servicios públicos nacionales e internacionales, empresarios e inversores institucionales.

Si necesita profesionales en transacciones con experiencia, expertos en valuación, asesores en proyectos o gerentes interinos con su propio historial de negocios e inversiones, entonces somos exactamente lo que está buscando.

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0.5% p.a. for 10yr bonds, minus 0.14% for 5yrs in Germany, but guaranteed 6.91% for government regulated new investments in power transmission network? Too little?


1,100 out of 1,600 take legal action against reduction from 9.05% p.a. guaranteed monopoly returns - today at 10 a.m. you may learn more at the Hearing at the High Court in Duesseldorf where 29 of the 1,100 complaints are pending, the German "Bundesnetzagentur" reduced the monopolistic equity return from 9.05% to 6.91% for new infrastructure investments in Oct 2016. Consumers pay as much for transmission as for the electricity itself, just as in e-mobility. Large institutional investors seem to be happy with lower returns if we look at the prices they pay for infrastructure acquisitions.

€ 26 billion was paid by German consumers for renewable energy in 2017, the also paid € 20 billion for the monopolistic transmission network


Renewable energy premium 2018 is 6.79 €-Cents p. kwh, compared with 6.88 in 2017 - Of course, we see new renewable energy records each year, shouldn`t we? The installed basis grows year by year and we still see small increases in on-shore wind, large increases in off-shore wind and small increases in solar pv. The RE share in electricity production reached about 36% in 2017, in a few years it will pass the 50% mark. And we will see similar no. in e-mobility penetration, it may go faster or take longer. Instead an auto premium that only goes to the automotive industry we should build a charging infrastructure.

Nordex turnaround? +6% yesterday, +25% since low in Nov


New form orders for 820 MW in US market - Nordex reported yesterday firm orders from two large US utilities for a 320MW, a 300MW and a 200MW wind farm. The orders are for its AW125/3000 and its AW125/3150. Delivery starts in Summer 2018.

EU energy ministers agree on 27% Share of renewables for total energy consumption by 2030, 14% in transport sector


Introduction of flexible electricity tariffs - In 2016 the EU reached a share of 16.9% for renewables, only slightly up from 16.7% in 2015. The proposals will now be discussed in the EU parlament which was aiming for a much higher 35% share. The share of renewables in heating and cooling shall rise by 1% each year from 2020 on.

New wind energy records: 60% of electricity from wind power in Germany, 22.3% all over Europe


2,128 GWh electricity generated from wind on 3 Jan 2018, almost 1,000 GWh in Germany - Happy New Year. The winter storms from the atlantic ocean over Europe brought new European records in France, Germany and Europe according to figures released by WindEurope. Wind, Solar and combined storage will soon replace fossil fuels for the electricity generation.


Offshore Wind Conference

2018/01/29 - 2018/01/30

Glasgow -

4th National Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference

2018/02/14 - 2018/02/15

San Fransisco -

Wave & Tidal

2018/02/28 - 2018/02/28

Glasgow -

Global Smart Energy Summit

2018/03/06 - 2018/03/06

Dubai -

Energy Storage Europe

2018/03/13 - 2018/03/15

Düsseldorf - Supporting the Growth of The Energy Storage Sector and Optimizing Efficiency