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CleanTech Capital provides business development, corporate and project finance, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring services in the clean technology and renewable energy sector. CleanTech Capital has offices in Europe, North America & South America.

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Enel raised €2.5bn in general purpose Sustainable Development Green Bonds


Investor demand for €10bn - The bonds are linked to two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 7 and 13, underlying Enel’s move to implement an increasingly sustainable finance strategy. Alberto De Paoli, CEO: “There is a clear link between sustainability and value creation, as by investing in environmentally and socially sustainable projects companies can secure high profitability and minimise risks, while contributing to the achievement of SDGs."

Up-date on German Climate Policy: half-hearted action - no sense of urgency


last week's proposal good enough to speak at UN last Monday, this proposal is the joint position of Social Democrates and Conservatives in the federal government - no draft act tabled, 60 partial actions; introduction of CO2 price but, at fraction of market price, and in 3 years; worries about additional cost for consumers. Most of the proposed activities need the approval of the upper house where the States have a direct vote. Government needs to abolish 7% surcharge tax for German re-unification after 30 years. People are aware that is cheaper to act now than to wait, and more promising.

E.ON closed €43bn Innogy Takeover


Conditional EU Approval received yesterday - E.ON now owns >90% of listed renewable energy and power distribution company Innogy after it acquired the 76.8% controlling stake of its former German competitor RWE in a deal announced on 10 Mar 2018. RWE spun-off Innogy in an IPO on 7 Oct 2016, at €36 per share. A further 9.4% of Innogy shares were tendered at €36.76 in a public tender ended on 25 Jul 2018. E.ON will hold >90% of Innogy post closing of the public tender which is expected for next week and take Innogy private to split it up with its new strategic shareholder RWE who now owns 16.7% of E.ON and is its largest shareholder. RWE and E.ON will cease to be competitors as they split its business along the value chain. E.ON will be a pure play energy distribution company and RWE will become one of the largest European renewable energy companies and focus on energy generation. It will terminate its nuclear business and just recently withdrew plans to build new coal power plants. EU Commissioner Margethe Vestager: "Today, we can approve the acquisition of Innogy by E.ON because the commitments offered by E.ON will ensure that the merger will not lead to less choice and higher prices in the countries where these companies operate." Innogy is now trading at €45 per share, >20% higher than its takeover price. The market cap of Innogy is €25bn compared with a market cap for E.ON of <€20bn. The performance of E.ON since announcement in Mar 2017 was virtually flat and is still substantially lower that before the start of the big restructuring process announced almost four years ago.

Siemens Gamesa enters into exclusive negotiations to takeover major parts of insolvent Senvion (Repower)


Creditors agreed to exclusivity and insolvency plan - Senvion announced this mornining that it "enters into non-binding exclusivity agreement with Siemens Gamesa for the sale of selected Services and Onshore assets in Europe." Repower's famous off-shore turbines are apparently not part of the discussions. Senvion explores other options for the remaining parts of its business. The creditors have approved the insolvency plan last week. Senvion shares trade 11% lower at 9 €-Cents but it is unlikely that shareholders will keep any value in the insolvency proceedings.

German Turbine Manufacturer Senvion (also know as Repower AG) likely to be split-up


No results from creditor meeting yesterday - Senvion who is under self administration in a German insolvency restructuring process similar to chapter 11) had a creditor meeting yesterday yesterday afternoon to discuss M&A offers received by the end of last month. Potential acquirors submitted partial bids which may lead to severe cuts in the 4,300 people strong workforce of Senvion.


6th Residential Energy Forum

2019/10/14 - 2019/10/15

Rome - followed by the 12th Energy Storage World Forum

12th Energy Storage World Forum

2019/10/16 - 2019/10/18

Rome -

International Energy & Power Supply Conference

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Nice, France -

China Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition

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Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center, Wuxi -

WindEurope Offshore 2019

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