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Uniper mandates Rothschild to assess strategic options in France as government considers quick exit from coal energy


1,200MW out of a total 2,300MW of Uniper´s French production capacity is coal based - Emmanuel Macron aims at an coal exit by end of 2021. Uniper is the 2nd largest French power generator based on coal, besides EDF. France has only four remaining coal power plants that account for approx. 1.8% of the French power production. Two are owned by Uniper.

Heated discussion in German Coal Exit Commission about plan to shut down last coal power plans between 2035 and 2038


German Railway CEO and former chief of staff for Angela Merkel Ronald Pofalla tabled plan for a coal exit by 2038 at the latest - No comment from the government, early stage of discussions. Conservative Prime Minister of Industrial State Northrhein Westfalia Armin Laschet considers period between 2030 and 2045 as realistic for a coal exit.

RWE pushes forward to build further lignite power plants in Germany


Big Police Force clears remaining forest from green demonstrators. On the existing site covering 40km2 RWE last year extracted 38 mn tons of lignite in huge open pits. Just on this site it plans to extract a further 1.35 bn t of lignite until 2050. - Over the years RWE already cleared 3,900 hectars of woodlands to build a new lignite power plants in the woods of Northrhein Westfalia. RWE plans to start construction while a government committee is currently reviewing plans to exit power generation from coal. RWE largest shareholders group are still state and municipalities.

Enel issued $4bn Yankee Bonds to refinance existing debt


Demand from institutionals for $11bn - The issue has 3 fixed rate tranches:

$1.25 bn 5yr 4.250%
$1.5 bn 7yr 4.625%
$1.25 bn 11yr 4.875%

Provisional ratings are BBB+ (S&P), Baa2 (Moody’s) and BBB+ (Fitch), in line with Enel´s previous rating.

Not enough interest in 2nd French on-shore wind auction


Awarded 118MW, aimed at 500MW - The auction did not attract sufficient interest from bidders, hence terms were not sufficient. Engie was awarded a 13.8MW project, however, terms were not disclosed.


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2018/09/25 - 2018/09/28

Hamburg - The global wind summit

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Lausanne - promotes innovation and investment into the best technology companies from across Europe

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