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CleanTech Capital provides business development, corporate and project finance, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring services in the clean technology and renewable energy sector. CleanTech Capital has offices in Europe, North America & South America.

We give advice and offer hands-on business development and transaction execution services to listed and private companies, international and domestic utilities, entrepreneurs and institutional investors.

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Innogy erased 13.23% of its shareholder value or € 2.9bn


EBITDA forcast 2017 and 2018 reduced by a mere 2.3% - innogy expects 2017 adjusted EBITDA and adjusted EBIT to be slightly lower than anticipated so far, €4.3bn instead of €4.4bn. the innogy management board and its supervisory board passed 2018 budget with capex > €3bn mainly for e-mobility, renewable energy and ultrafast internet. The effect was a 13% stock market correction. Shares are still trading at a 8.1 times multiple on 2018 expected EBITDA.

RWE also lost more than 13% on marginal EBITDA revision of its 76.8% subsidiary innogy


Market Cap loss of €1.56bn - Despite its separate listing RWE still owns 76.8% of innogy. RWE does not expect a reduction in dividends. The market price adjustment was less severe than for its subsidiary innogy which erased €2.9bn in market cap. Based on that RWE may loose another 6.3% tomorrow or we may see a swing-back of innogy by 4.5%.

250 US Corporations sign protest letter against US congress tax act


Abolishment of production tax credits risk completion of wind energy projects - To strip away the PTC rather than allowing for the gradual phase-out agreed two years ago, would “put both existing and projected wind investment and jobs at risk”. The proposed changes would put >$50bn of private investment and 60,000 US jobs at risk. It “rewrites the rules” for the wind industry “in the middle of the game”.

EDF signs another PPA with Google for its 200 MW Glaciers Edge wind project in Iowa


Glaciers Edge will bring EDF’s wind portfolio in Iowa to 1.1 GW - Gary Demasi, Global Infrastructure Director, Google: “With solar and wind declining dramatically in cost and propelling significant employment growth, the transition to clean energy is driving unprecedented economic opportunity and doing so faster than we ever anticipated.” EDF’s power off-takers include Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Walmart and Yahoo.

Google signs two further PPA for two 98 MW projects in South Dakota


Iberdrola, through its 81.5% NYSE listed subsidiary Avangrid Inc., signs longterm PPA for Coyote Ridge and Tatanka Ridge wind farms - Avangrid Renewables operates more than 6 GW wind and solar projects across the United States. It owns > $ 31 bn in assets around 27 states.


Offshore Wind Conference

2018/01/29 - 2018/01/30

Glasgow -

4th National Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference

2018/02/14 - 2018/02/15

San Fransisco -

Wave & Tidal

2018/02/28 - 2018/02/28

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Global Smart Energy Summit

2018/03/06 - 2018/03/06

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Energy Storage Europe

2018/03/13 - 2018/03/15

Düsseldorf - Supporting the Growth of The Energy Storage Sector and Optimizing Efficiency